We Offer Payment Plans with Low Initial Down Payment Options!

Looking to Make a Payment?

Looking to Make a Payment?

do you want an experienced criminal defense attorney but you don’t have an ability to come up with a large lump sum up front? then peterson legal is perfect for you. We work with our clients to make sure you are represented at court and your rights are protected while allowing you to still afford to live. with flexible payment plan options and low initial down payments you can get an advocate on your side and still make your monthly biils. call today to find out more about how we can help you.

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  • What is the worst that could happen to me?

  • Do I have a chance at beating this case?

  • What are my rights? 

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At Peterson Legal, we are committed to defending our clients’ rights and helping them feel safe and secure in their legal representation. We are an Utah Criminal Defense Firm, so we focus solely on criminal defense and we can provide you and your loved ones with specialized assistance. Whether you’re facing a traffic offense or a serious felony, we will be there by your side making sure all your questions are answered because knowing your options and understanding the process is key to presenting your best defense.

Don’t Go To Court Alone

Facing criminal charges is a very scary thing, especially for someone who’s never had to go to court before. There can be a lot of stress over what a conviction could mean to your livelihood, your family, and your future. Because of these high stakes, everyone who has been charged with a crime should, at the very least, consult with a criminal defense attorney about their case. 

We Offer Free Consultations!

 With a simple calltext, or email , you can be communicating with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will tell you the realities of your situation and answer all your questions. We cater to your needs and are willing to meet in person, over the phone, or through text/email communications. We strive to be available as much as possible to our clients and potential clients, but if we don’t get your communication right away, you can rest assured that we’ll get back to you very quickly.


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Peterson Legal is the law firm of Attorney Todd A. Peterson. Todd has been working in the industry for 8 years and has been a criminal defense attorney for six. To grow his new firm, he is offering a reduced rate for clients who are looking to upgrade from a public defender but can't afford an expensive attorney. If you are facing a criminal charge that fits into one of the categories below and your case is in Salt Lake, Utah, or Davis counties then our standard pricing will apply. If your case does not fit into one of the categories below, then we can still help you with your case, but you will need to call, text, or email, to receive a quote.