Sex Offender Registry

Prostitution and exploitation are also included in the class of Sex Crimes

The government maintains, and makes available to the public, a list of individuals convicted of certain sex crimes. The legislature designed this list to put the public on notice of high level sex offenders in their area. There is a long list of potential charges that could place your name on the list. High level offenses almost all require registering such as rape or sexual abuse of a minor. Additionally, multiple convictions of low level offenses like lewdness also require an individual to register.

The sex offender registry requirement of a criminal conviction is often a lifetime requirement. However, the legislature has allowed for removal from the registry in some very specific circumstances. The registry not only causes a lot of guilt and shame to the individuals on it, it is is a constant risk for further prosecution. If an individual required to register fails to do so or doesn't keep his/her address current then that could result in additional charges of failure to register.

Negative Stigma for Sex Crimes

It is pretty obvious that sex crimes carry a special negative stigma that no other crimes do. To make it worse the sex offender registry puts the public on notice of who is deserving of this negative stigma. The current social and political climate is very hard on individuals who have been accused of a sex crime, not to mention convicted of one. Due to this extra penalty convicted individuals suffer with sex crimes it is often best to take sex crimes to trial. If you're facing potential sex crimes charges then you need to get legal advice right away. Call me, Todd Peterson, here at Peterson Legal right away! 


Sex crimes are some of the most heinous and uncomfortable offenses in the criminal justice world. The types of crimes in this category can range from low level misdemeanors to the most grievous felonies. Sex crimes carry unique attributes and results that should be explored here, namely the sex offender registry and negative stigma.