Low Cost Criminal Defense Attorney

Some may have noticed that I am currently offering my criminal defense services at a very low cost. Why am I charging such low fees for my criminal defense representation? First off this does not mean my services are not worth more than this current discounted rate. I have practiced for a decent amount of time now and have earned much higher fees throughout my career than what I am currently offering. However, the reality is that as I start my own firm I need to get my name out there and start helping people right away. In time I'm certain as I grow my practice I will return to charging what I am worth. The good news, however, for anyone out there looking for help with a criminal case, is that currently you can get an experienced attorney for a non-experienced price.


Why Do You Need an Experienced Attorney?

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I was obviously not experienced at one point in my practice. When I first became a lawyer, I was much more nervous about criminal proceedings and representing clients in general. Additionally, when I first started practicing I didn't have a frame of reference for formulating proper professional opinions. Like whether or not an offer was good or bad, or if I should take a case to trial or not. Now that I've been practicing criminal defense as long as I have I can give my clients better advice.

Additionally, I am not easily rattled by what prosecutors do or say anymore. I've seen the possible outcomes of their actions and know how to respond appropriately. These are vital skills you need to look for in whatever criminal defense attorney you hire. Normally you would have to pay a premium for these skills. However, with Peterson Legal you get them at a low cost.

Upgrading From a Public Defender

If you're facing criminal charges then you already have been, or will have the opportunity to be assigned a public defender. Public Defenders are attorneys the State pays for and offers to individuals that cannot afford an attorney on their own. Public defenders often do great work but most of the time they are too busy to spend a lot of time on your case. If you would like to upgrade from a public defender but you don't have the money to pay what most criminal defense attorneys out there are charging, then you're in luck. For a limited time you can hire me to represent you on your case at a very low cost. Give me a call anytime to talk about your case.