Charged in Utah but You Live in Another State

Criminal charges are never a simple thing to deal with, but being charged with a crime in a State you don’t live in can be extra stressful. Traveling back to Utah to face the court, hiring an attorney over the phone, or contemplating if you should just ignore the case all together, are all difficult things to deal with. However, if you’ve been charged with a case in a Utah justice court then I have good news for you. Hiring an attorney from Peterson Legal can save you from having to travel back and forth to Utah to resolve the case.

Traveling through Utah and got pulled over? Call me today!

Traveling through Utah and got pulled over? Call me today!

Justice Court Matters

Justice court cases are class B misdemeanor charges and below. Some examples of class B misdemeanor charges are DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Assault, and Retail Theft. Some of these charges could be enhanced to higher than a class B misdemeanor but they are normally charges as a B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for a class B misdemeanor is up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 plus surcharges, so often times the fine is higher than $1,000.

Justice courts are the lowest courts in Utah but you could still be facing some pretty bad consequences as a result of a justice court case. The good thing about justice court cases however is that out of state defendants are almost always excused from having to appear if they have retained private counsel. The basic process is the attorney appears on the defendants behalf, works out a deal with the prosecutor and then drafts up paperwork for the defendant to sign and resolve the case. This option can help individuals save a lot of time and headache because they can get their case resolved, avoid warrants for their arrest, and gain peace of mind, all from their home state.

District Courts

District courts are the higher courts in Utah and they hear all class A misdemeanors and felony cases. If you have been charged with a case in the district court and you live outside of Utah then you will unfortunately have to return to Utah at some point to face the court. However, in some situations, you may only have to return to Utah once to appear before the court and then the rest can be done without your presence. Although district courts are more strict about a defendants presence in the courtroom it is still a really good idea to hire a private attorney because they can help minimize the times you have to come to Utah.

Out of State Clients

At Peterson Legal we are well equipped to help out of state clients, we are fully electronic and can provide you with e-sign documents as well as online payment solutions to make working with us while living in another state simple and stress-free. Call us today to find out what we can do for you in your case.

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