Sex Crimes and Their Devastating Effects

Almost all criminal charges carry with them negative social stigma that can ruin a persons reputation and life; however, none more than sex crimes. Due to the heinous nature of sex crimes and the importance we put on sexual freedom and safety, just the mere allegation of sexual misconduct can end someones career and/or social prospects. As has been clearly noted by the recent #metoo movement and litany of sexual misconduct allegations and actions reported in the news. Due to this supercharged atmosphere and the intense consequences of sexual misconduct allegations, there is much more at risk in sex crime cases and as such they should be treated differently.

Our Current Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system has become a hot topic in political circles as talks of reform have bubbled up recently. Reform aside the way the system currently works is that a large number of individuals end up taking “deals” to get their case over with and usually to mitigate the potential consequences. While taking a deal can often be the right decision for the individuals future it usually does require them to admit guilt for the alleged offense, or possibly a reduced offense. This means that even innocent individuals are incentived to claim guilt to secure a better result than they could possibly get if they were to lose at trial.

In the scenario of a sex crime however, claiming guilt could carry some serious consequences outside of court that may make life extremely difficult. This means that sex crime defendants have an extra incentive to take a case to trial and fight for their innocence.

Jury trials provide a lot of promise but also carry immense risk.

Jury trials provide a lot of promise but also carry immense risk.

Going to Trial

Taking a case to trial can be a very difficult decision even for an innocent person. No one ever knows how a jury is going to respond to the facts presented by the prosecution and defense and there is always some risk that the jury could get it wrong and convict an innocent person or vice versa. Additionally, trial can be a very emotionally, physically, and financially draining endeavor. For those reasons an individual considering going to trial needs to prepare themselves for the demands of the process. For one you will be called an awful person by the prosecution for days, you will have to pay your attorney more to defend you through the trial process, and you will most likely have to wait months maybe even years before your trial even begins. That being said individuals facing false charges should not shy away from the prospect of trial, and should find counsel that is going to support them through the process.

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